thumbs up or thumbs down sorting activity
I will be putting theses comments from least helpful to most helpful.

7- I think number 7 is the least helpful because it just says 'I love your story, 
it's really good.'.

6- I think number 6 is the second least helpful because doesn't make any sense.

4- I think number 4 is the third least helpful because it has wrong spelling.

2- I think number 2 is the forth least helpful because it is missing some words.

1- I think number 1 is the fifth least helpful because she is using slang words.

8- I think number 8 is the sixth least helpful because is is a bit of topic.

5- I think number 5 is the second most helpful because it is more like something you would write
   in an email.  
3- I think number 6 is the most informative because it has a question, capital letters and full 
   stops and she address who is is to and who is is from.

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