Here is a pole that you can take about places in the world.




For me the best travel destination are: Russia, Ireland, Italy, French, London, south of France, the Bahamas, Bora Bora, Asia, Japan and Greece.


I would love to hear where you would like to go to.




I play piano and cello.
some music I like listen to is ( you probably wont like it)
Hooked on a feeling, escape (the pina colada song), umbrella,

come and get your love, I want you back, father and son and material girl.

I would love to hear about your musical interests.

Bey for now.


Chapter One 

The little girl.

One day a little girl called Riley went to the ballet with her mum.
 Her mum was impress that Riley could stay still and quiet for that long,
 but nevertheless Riley was in love with ballet she was immediately put 
into four ballet classes a week.

Chapter Two


Now that it was finally time for Riley to go and get here point shoes!
 She was so excited, when she got to the point shoe shop she could not 
wait to get her first pair of point shoes. Riley all ready knew that she
 was going to number all of her shoes. 

Chapter Three 


On the day of Riley’s ballet exam she was so nerves… When she came out 
from after the exam she was beaming with joy she had aced her exam with a perfect 100


thumbs up or thumbs down sorting activity
I will be putting theses comments from least helpful to most helpful.

7- I think number 7 is the least helpful because it just says 'I love your story, 
it's really good.'.

6- I think number 6 is the second least helpful because doesn't make any sense.

4- I think number 4 is the third least helpful because it has wrong spelling.

2- I think number 2 is the forth least helpful because it is missing some words.

1- I think number 1 is the fifth least helpful because she is using slang words.

8- I think number 8 is the sixth least helpful because is is a bit of topic.

5- I think number 5 is the second most helpful because it is more like something you would write
   in an email.  
3- I think number 6 is the most informative because it has a question, capital letters and full 
   stops and she address who is is to and who is is from.